SF GOP Central Committee

Ken Loo is a San Francisco born native who serves as an elected member of the San Francisco Republican Central Committee (SFGOP).

He was a candidate in the CA State Senate District 11 Primary Election where his opponents raised over $3 million of special interest campaign funds, in one of the highest priced races in the Bay Area.

Ken has the record for the most votes for any San Francisco Republican Central Committee member out of a highly qualified field in the June 2016 elections.

As a civil servant for over 20 years who has sworn to defend and uphold the US Constitution, he wants to remind Americans about the value and responsibilities of citizenship. He has seen the street level effects of “progressive” legislation that has turned people against innovate companies such as Twitter, Google, AirBNB, Uber, Lyft… which employ some of the brightest minds in the country by trying to over tax and regulate innovation right out of city limits.

He has seen homelessness increase as the city’s budget has reach over $9.6 BILLION.

He has seen current politicians try to raise taxes by any and all means to keep up with their uncontrolled spending.

He has seen San Francisco Schools fall in their overall rankings and has been witness to the administration fiasco of SF City College’s accreditation process.

Politicians are ruining San Francisco and have caused the city to be a safe haven for criminals with their sanctuary city policies that have directly killed people. He knows that the SF Police need the proper tools and support to do their jobs and thinks politicians who want to strip guns away from the cops lack the basic knowledge to write any functional legislation.

As a small business owner, he has the background needed to direct the city in the right direction.

As a teacher, he thinks education needs to be seen as an investment in the future – not a leveraging tool as some School Board members use it as a stepping stone to further their political agendas.

As a firefighter (Fire Captain), he knows how to fix problems with clear concise directions.

As a father, he wants San Francisco to be a safe place for those that are productive members of society and does not believe that we should be a refugee city that caters to people who don’t help themselves.

Ken Loo represents the right side of San Francisco in protecting your civil liberties and rights while fighting to stop oversized government waste and spending by City Leaders by using COMMON SENSE and fiscally responsible decisions.

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

SF GOP Central Committee Member




Emergency Management Specialist

Health & Safety Consultant

Union Member

UC Davis Graduate (B.A)

Long Beach State Graduate (M.S.)

Prop 13
Ellis Act
Public Safety
Education (as an investment)
Small Business
Small Property Owners
Public Infrastructure (including better roads)
Water Storage

Working with Federal Law Enforcement

Urban Shield Excercises

Universal Healthcare

Voting age change to 16 (It should be 18 years of age)
Any new taxes
Taking Guns away from the Police
High Speed Rail (due to cost)
Removing any of your CIVIL RIGHTS

Not prosecuting criminals including vandalism

Not working with FBI and ICE

Theodore Roosevelt

Representing what's Right