San Francisco



BART Police Citizen Review Board (Commissioner)


Emergency Management Specialist

Hazardous Materials Specialist

Health & Safety Consultant

Union Member

UC Davis Graduate (B.A)

Long Beach State Graduate (M.S.)

Ken Loo is a San Francisco born native who resides in the Sunset District.

He is a small business owner, a Firefighter, and a family man who has a background in common sense.

As a teacher, he thinks education needs to be seen as an investment in the future – not a leveraging tool as some School Board members use it as a stepping stone to further their political agendas.

As a firefighter (Fire Captain), he knows how to fix problems with clear concise directions.

As a father, he wants San Francisco to be a safe place.

Ken Loo wants San Francisco to make the right choices in reducing crime and to use responsible spending on public projects. Use Common Sense San Francisco.

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Use Common Sense San Francisco

Ken Loo