About Ken Loo

Approaching problems with commonsense




CA Commission on Teaching Credentials,

Adult Education Teaching Credential

San Jose State

Master of Science,

Emergency Service Administration

CSU Long Beach

I am a husband, father of wonderful kids (most of the time), public safety professional, and small business owner.

I am trying to stop government waste and to push politicians to "do the right thing" when it comes to our civil liberties and use of public resources.

With my background in small business, emergency management, health & safety -  I have worked for the technology, financial, medical,  non-profits, and education sectors. I have also been on a volunteer oversight board in law enforcement and assist with youth sports.

Bachelor of Art

Political Science

-International Relations

-World Trade and Economics

UC Davis

  • In Person Education
  • Public Safety Resources
  • Streets / Public Infrastructure
  • Fire Prevention
  • Energy / Water
  • School Choice
  • Public Transportation
  • ​Updating the Voter Roles